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5:00PM TO 5:02PM

Welcome Note

Welcome Note by Ms. Durga Raghunath, Chief Executive Officer of Indian Express Digital.
5:02PM TO 5:16PM

Opening keynote

Opening Keynote by Mr. Rajiv Gupta, Partner & Director, The Boston Consulting Group, India on the emerging Indian technology landscape.
5:17PM TO 5:43PM

Mobility : Inside a Self Driving Uber

  • Key note by Jeff Schneider, Autonomy Software, Uber
  • Explore the future of driverless urban transport and living without personal vehicles and perhaps driving skills as self-driving cars are fast becoming a reality

5:43PM TO 5:52PM

Mobility: How India is dictating smartphone product development

Fireside chat with Pranav Shroff of HMD global on India's clout in the smartphone market and how this influences products
5:52PM TO 5:59PM

AI and Design Keynote

  • Key note by Shanmugh Natarajan, MD, Adobe India
6:00PM TO 6:16PM

Mobility : Smartphones & You

  • FAQ session with Manu Jain, Country Head, Xiaomi

6:16PM TO 6:32PM

Home Tech: AI Driven Smart Speakers

  • Keynote by Puneesh Kumar, Country Manager - India, Alexa Experience & Devices
  • Explore the nascent yet fast emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence driven Alexa voice service and its impact on how we go about our daily tasks at homes in the days to come
6:32PM TO 6:42PM

Home Tech : Air Purification @ Home

  • Keynote by Sudhir Pillai, General Manager - Homes, Honeywell Home & Building Technologies
  • Breathe easier and healthier in this session as air purification technologies, best practices and buying is deconstructed and simplified.
6:43PM TO 6:54PM

Making Software for India

  • Keynote speech by Soujanya Bhumkar, co-founder Cooliris
  • As founder of Cooliris, Soujanya was an early pioneer who worked on high-quality consumer software experiences for the emerging Indian Internet landscape.


Jeff Schneider

Engineering Lead


Manu Jain

Country Head


Pranav Shroff

Global Director, Portfolio Strategy & Planning

HMD Global

Puneesh Kumar

Country Manager


Rajiv Gupta

Partner & Director

The Boston Consulting Group, India

Shanmugh Natarajan


Adobe Systems

Soujanya Bhumkar



Sudhir Pillai

General Manager, Homes

Honeywell Home and Building Technologies, India

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